Rice bran, Fish meal/Shrimp, Sunflower, Maize germ, Wheat flour and Water

Mixing Ratios

Mash = Rice bran + Fish meal + Sunflower + Maize germ (9:5:5:1)

Pellets = Powder Mash + Wheat flour (10:1)


  1. Mix all the ingredients in appropriate ratios to come up with mash (powder feeds)
  2. Mix the mash with wheat flour. The wheat flour serves as a binder
  3. Now add a little water on the mixture; the mixture should not be much soft. The water should make the feed just moist enough since more water will cause the feed to take more time to dry
  4. Pass the mixture through a mincer of 2mm or 3mm diameter
  5. Dry the feed under the sun for 2 - 3 days before feeding fish or storing in cool dry place

The feeds will remain good for as long as 3 months

Prepared by: Lazarus Nzioka