Agricultural limestone refers to calcite (calcium carbonate) and dolomite (calcium magnesium carbonate). Liming is an effective tool in fish production and pond management.

The lime used in fish ponds include:

  • Agricultural lime, CaCO3
  • Hydrated lime, Ca(OH)2
  • Quicklime, CaO

You should always choose agricultural limestone (CaCO3) for application in your fishpond. You can also use Hydrated lime (Ca (OH)2) which is an inexpensive and effective pond sterilizer. However, it is known to raise the pH quickly and dramatically above tolerable levels for most aquatic organisms.

The carbonate component raises the alkalinity and the pH of the water while the calcium and magnesium components raise the hardness of water, essential to the health of many aquatic species.

If agricultural limestone (CaCO3) is not available in your area, please consult your, Aqua shop agent, fisheries officer or extension agent about the possible use of other liming materials. Always wear gloves when working with any kind of lime.